Good Luck My Friend

Posted by: Eyfa Zalifa

Salam...Entry nie khas buat ika zulaikha..

Just wanted to say,Good Luck for your netball team tomorrow..Hope uolss can do it..Be the winner k..I know you can do it..You are a very good netball player in the school..not even the school,but openly too..

Be confident with your strength..If diorang main ganaz,u pun main ganas asal jangan CONTACT!!By the way,i don't need to say this all..After all,you know by yourself what to do right?

Be positive..Even the others play not too well*if u think so*,but you?you try your very very very extra best!!!

Ah!you have alwayz been a good netball player and i know you can win..Even if you can't*hope that won't happen*,you just calm yourself by saying that you done your very-3 extra best..Maybe the others were playing not so well,or the other team was or were stronger..

Anyway,i hope you and your team be the champion..Never lose hope k..You can do itttt!!Be the champion!!

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TERIMA KASIH KERANA KOMEN YA :)Really appreciate it..

Footprint sini:)


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