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Posted by: Eyfa Zalifa

hey readers.Whatcha doin?I just don't have mood actually this nite.But what to do?These fingers just can't stop from typing..I actually just edited
 my blog a few seconds ago.Okay,maybe a few minutes ago..

Korang rasa background putih okeyh tak?Aku rasa okeyh,but still need something..Urm..maybe some stuff..My blog is just empty without a header.But whata do.I still did not downloaded photoscape.

Hurm..maybe it would just be done know what's the time now?1 o'clock 48 minutes 15 seconds..Well easy way:1.48:15..

Okeyh,sekarang sebab dah mula ada keinginan nak update blog,entry mesti lebih dari 2..heheh:)itupun tak sure lagi..

Masuk topic lainlah..setakat nak edit blog tu no hal lah!
Tadi aku on9 kol....6 petang..And as everyone knows,aku kalau dah online,sampai 5/6 jam.But followers?Kocek tak penuh sampai 100 lagi:(
So blogwalking tadi..Tengok blog yang kiut miut:)memang kiut:)dahsyattttttt!!

Ada yang blog dia simple but pink jea semua:)I love pink..Urm since when?I dono..Erm..maybe since the time my first blog spoiled..or..after 'skodeng' at some blogs..

1) Comel*Chokilala!good goin'
2)Cutest*Wow,cantiknya blog chokilala!!
           4)Cantik*Nice blog dea

Malas plak nak banyak-banyak..haaawww!!mengantuk lah:)i m finding my sweet blanket with my sweet and soft pillow..Where are you miss blanket and mrs.pillow?

I really gotta go guyz..i thought maybe i can update more than 2 posts,but it just went half..Now you just stop laughing,can you?

Aha!Yuuuuhhhuuu miss blanket and mrs.pillow??

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TERIMA KASIH KERANA KOMEN YA :)Really appreciate it..

Footprint sini:)


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