50 places to visit b4 u die.Part 1

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Seriously,korang patut baca entry aku nie..rugi x baca!!Wajib baca!Mesti suka punya!

Before u die,u should visit these 50 places..The world's best 50 places..!!!The very best that the world has to offer you the traveller, in your short time on this Earth.Life is short. Paid leave is in pitifully short supply. The funds are never forthcoming. And yet there are so many jaw-dropping locations in the world just waiting for you to discover them.Seriously,aku nak bagi 2 places je kat sini..Yang lain,korang baca entry aku lepas nie..

So how can you possibly choose where to spend your limited time and resources? Where can you find the very best that the world has to offer you the traveller, in your short time on this earth?

1.The Grand Canyon(USA)

Best time to go: Year round - the climate here is dry with plenty of sunshine, some rain and snow. Winter months are a little more comfortable, especially in the scorching heat of the Grand Canyon.

Of the 34 mammal species found along the Colorado River corridor, 15 are rodents and eight are bats.
Find out more at Here

Sunset at Grand Canyon,,Wow!!!

Cantik tak tempat di atas?Cuba bayangkan kalau korang pergi ke tempat tu bersama orang tersayang..hurm..makin terbuai-buai perasaan aku..Ahaksz!Alangkah indahnya kalau aku pergi tempat nie masa aku pergi usa dulu:(

2.Scuba Dive on The Great Barrier Reef(Australia)

Home to an amazing array of wildlife from sea turtles to sea eagles, clown fish to humpback whales. And to really experience there's nothing like being in the water! Bestnya..Alangkah indahnya kalau aku tahu swimming..Alamak!kantoi sudaa:)For more information about this beautiful place:Here


One and a half million British tourists visit Florida every year. I thought I give you a few good reasons to join them. 

Florida is a state that is full of surprises, particularly if you wander off the well beaten tourist track for at least a day or two of your holiday. 

For example, ask anyone to name the biggest city in Florida and you'll most likely get Miami or Orlando as a reply. In fact Jacksonville in north East Florida is not only home to more people than both of those cities combined, it is the biggest city by area in the entire USA!

Florida is the home of the theme park, but another interesting fact - none of them are actually in Orlando! The world famous Disney World for example is 35 miles south in Lake Buena Vista.

Well,tak boleh lama-lama blogging hari nie coz baru makan ubat selesema..Having a flu but now is okey..U know,its very sleepy medicine:)Tak lupa..nak ucap thanks kepada mereka yang sudi ucap Happy Birthday kepada aku hari nie and semalam.Thanks friends..Terharu:)Moga-moga Allah memaafkan segala kesilapan yang lalu:)Hope to be a new Zalifa starting today..With a new life..Insya-Allah

Okey tak tempat kat atas tu?Sorry ek tak boleh banyak-banyak..Tapi esok ada lagi pukul 5 petang..Ada 3/4 tempat lagi yang boleh korang pergi..Before u die:)Kalau rajin,aku buat banyak lagi..Hahax!Gud nite sayangs:)

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